Merry may have to go on hold this year

The season of goodwill draws nigh – a time of over-indulgence, expensive gifts, compulsory happiness and a rosy...

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Transparency: Great for sanctity, but sometimes bad for business

Transparency of information is one of the guiding principles behind the P2P sector and an undoubted contributor to...

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If you really want to protect investors, stick to quality assets in the first place

Not so long ago, the talk was of how the emergence of P2P finance was a welcome step on the path to democratising...

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Leverage: Let’s at least get the facts straight before we alarm the punters

Never miss an opportunity to frighten the public appears to be the form when it comes to editorial coverage of...

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You can’t blame Brexit for all that ails us – there are other forces at work

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit is blamed for blighting many aspects of our lives. In the corporate sector, companies...

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Forbes Contributor: Alternative finance - The fine balance between innovation and regulation

ArchOver's Angus Dent is a Forbes Contributor and is requested by them to share opinion on topical issues. 

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