Punks with Purpose Strike a Chord with Crowdfunders

BrewDog is back in the news today. Past and present employees have banded together under the guise of “Punks with...

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The Sharing Economy – Driven by Peer Review and Trust

A couple of weeks ago, while most of us were distracted, PWC posted ‘The Sharing Economy’ report. The main point...

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Media and finance industry need to work together to show that P2P comes in more than one flavour

Once again, we find mainstream media treating the diverse alternative finance sector as one homogenous group and...

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Are the big institutions embracing the wisdom of Crowdlending?

The fallout of the stress tests has generally been good news for the Banks. As I discussed in my earlier post, Standard...

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Why P2P Platforms are Slowly Usurping Traditional Savings Accounts

The prospect of boosted savings returns has seen traditional savers become SME lenders through Peer to Peer lending...

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Crowdlending, Crowdfunding and Football

Generating a sufficiently large cloud of individual investors is one of the major obstacles for any young...

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