Inflation / Deflation and the Great British Shopper

Angus Dent
Posted by Angus Dent on 27-Mar-2015 10:00:40


Deflation, or indeed the threat of deflation is supposed to defer spending as people wait for prices to fall before making purchases. With inflation at or very near to 0% the risk of deflation is high.

Economists and the Bank of England are divided on how to address the threat of deflation. Traditionally a rise in interest rates will cool inflation and the economy with it. And a cut stimulates the economy as it drives up demand. So what to do.

It seems shoppers may have rescued the economists from their dilemma and……gone shopping. As the FT reported:

“Britons went on a shopping spree last month as prices on the High St fell by the most on record, dispelling fears that the UK is on the brink of a deflationary downward spiral”

Hooray for the Great British shopper!!!

Topics: deflation, fintech, shop, inflation, interest rates

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